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Welcome to the Navy Club Ship 35 website. The club is looking to expand its membership and provide influence as one of the top active Navy organizations in the city of Indianapolis.
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We are a National Service Organization made up of citizens of the United States who has served, or is now serving in the United States Navy, United States Marine Corps, or United States Coast Guard.  For Current Members, we urge you to watch for notices and activities which will be posted here from time to time.  For those of you who are not currently members we welcome you join Navy Club Ship 35 today.

Together we can fulfill our goal of helping those who have served, or are currently serving, in the waterborne services.

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Navy Club Ship 35 Commander

Drew Davis

Senior Executive

Andrew Janovicz

Junior Executive



Andre Meyers


Bill Duff

Master at Arms

Robin Bueckers


Bob Rini

1 Year Trustee

Howard Bennett

2 Year Trustee

Prentiss Green

3 Year Trustee

Aaron Shaw

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